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A close look at mana potions

Managing mana is one of the fun things about healing that I’m glad Blizzard have added back into our game.There’s a school of thought that any mana left at the end of a fight is mana wasted, and that if you’re managing your mana well you should be using every consumable, cooldown and trinket available to you to squeeze every last heal out by the end of the fight. Well. The main game is beating the boss. Our role in that is to keep people alive, … Continue reading

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4.0.6 – More druid healing thoughts

Firstly, I have to admit: I chickened out in my “less healing, more survival” build and didn’t end up spending the two points in Nature’s Ward. I popped them into topping up Gift of the Earthmother. My current build looks like this: My rational for this was the extra heals on the LB bloom when I’m a tree, but I’m still not 100% sold on this. I started comparing my healing profiles from our Chimaeron kills pre and post 4.0.6, but the differences were SO hilarious … Continue reading

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Healing Maloriak 10 – resto druid thoughts

Having twice defeated Maloriak in 10 man, I’ve started to get my head around this encounter a little, and feel the need to put some of this to paper. My role has been healing the add tank, we have a holy pally healing the main tank, and a shaman healing the raid. Of course our tank healers help out with raid healing as needed as well. We used one tank on the adds, and let out 9 gradually during red/blue phases. There was clearly some complicated … Continue reading

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