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ZA Bear run video

A video of our bear run last night, from the PoV of our main tank and glorious* guild leader, Easypeasy. For healers interested, I think I stopped and drank twice just briefly. I drank about 6ish mana pots and innervated basically on cooldown. I was flasked from our raid the night before, but it wore off part way through I think. The only thing I did special: For the lynx gauntlet I tried to avoid having hots up between pulls (to avoid cataggro death). This meant … Continue reading

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Vial of the sands: completed

It’s a good feeling to farm for something and make it yourself. Thanks to the guildies whom I begged/borrowed/bought transmutes from to make my truegold. After a lot of digging and farming, I can finally turn myself into a dragon:

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Vial of the sands!

Yay! Third Jar opened, and I closed my eyes as I opened it, not wanting to look. I heard the soft paper noise as the recipe accompanied the clunk of the hardened organs dropping into my bags.Now the truegold grind begins =D

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