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I’m a healer, not your slave.

This post feels a little bit off-center with 4.1 coming out today, as it has nothing to do with the new patch at all. Rather it’s about another PuG experience that left me angry. Angry at the group’s behaviour, the attitudes and with myself. Excuse the usual PuG rant, I constantly run with really good LFD groups, but this one raised a new issue/question for me. The context I was on a priest alt. It was normal Grim Batol. Everything was going okay: paladin tank wasn’t … Continue reading

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Duoing Hyjal Summit

Archimonde falls

After having a go at soloing the Hyjal Summit in Caverns of Time, I walked away disappointed. I soloed enough trash to get my last few thousand Scale of the Sands rep to get exalted, but Rage Winterchill was too much for me alone. His continual Ice Tombing left me cold. (Haha.) But Shigeko is a DPS monster, so we went in together to see how much of MH was duo-able, both for his achievements and rep, and for my greedy gold loot count. And the … Continue reading

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Duoing Malygos

Alextrazsa saves the day! (Or comes to see her dead brother?)

As I mentioned in an earlier post, Shigeko and I’ve been working on duoing some wrath achievements he still had left over. In the last week we’ve run lots of instances and raids together, including the Battle for Mount Hyjal and more recently Malygos in the Eye of Eternity. For our Malygos encounter, it was myself in my feral offspec/gear (about 350 ilvl) and Shigeko in his main spec – shadow priest, in pretty much entirely 359 gear. You could probably do this in blues though … Continue reading

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Duoing Wrath achievements

Ooze: abused.

I’d been thinking about soloing some wrath heroic dungeon achievements, for no other reason than to see if they could be done. As it happens, Shigeko was looking to polish off a few he’d not done yet, as he’d only rolled his character late in wrath. So we set out together to do a few. First off the list, heroic Azjol Nerub, to do Respect your Elders and Volunteer work. As expected, Volunteer work was an easy task with two lvl 85s. For Respect your Elders, … Continue reading

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Priest v druid

Sigh. In writing, this became a long self-indulgent story. Skip to the red Now to avoid the history bits.~ My first ‘main’ in WoW was a priest. Back before shadow had a form, back before Devout had special graphics, back when I barely knew what end-game meant, except for raiding LBRS with so many pepople I felt lost. My priest was my second character to reach lvl 60; I’d rerolled because I’d thought that levelling was ‘the game’, and I’d finished ‘the game’ on my warlock. … Continue reading

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