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Make your own Ragnaros finger puppet – Hard mode!

Ragnaros finger puppet

Okay, as promised – how to make your own Ragnaros finger puppet. I’ll provide two sets of instructions. First: heroic mode, which assumes knowledge of crochet. Next post: normal mode, which just uses felt. It’s quicker and the learning curve isn’t as steep, but the drops aren’t as good (and you get less rep). Heroic mode Ragnaros (crochet) Heroic mode raid composition Scraps of red, orange or yellow yarn. I have a huge skein of variegated yarn in those tones that I used for my first … Continue reading

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Make your own Ragnaros finger puppet – Easy mode!


And now for the normal mode version of this puppet: this time in felt. So all you need are rudimentary skills in printing, cutting, gluing, and waggling your finger. Oh and some felt. Except I suck with glue. I make a mess, and things don’t stick. So I sewed mine. Final product will look something like this: Silly voices help too. Normal mode Ragnaros (felt) Normal mode raid composition Scraps of felt in yellow/orange/red and black or brown Beads, yarn or embroidery thread for his face/armour … Continue reading

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Behold! Ragnaros the Finger Puppet!


He who was ancient when the world was yarn! So after Magmaw, a few people said they’d like to see something else, or a Ragnaros… and as I felt in a crafty (and silly) mood I crocheted this little finger puppet today. And a crappy close up video of him brandishing Sulfurus: Not sure if people want instructions for him or not, he’s a bit more work than Magmaw, and needs a VERY basic knowledge of crochet to make. Happy to post the instructions if enough … Continue reading

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Healing Ragnaros 10 man

Rag 2011-09-01 at 9.28.50 PM

Last week we downed Ragnaros after about 4 solid nights of attempts spread over a few weeks. Like lots of end-boss fights, early deaths make a big difference to later stages and while there is a *little* bit of RNG in that, mostly it’s about personal survivability and everyone doing their jobs. This post is about how we execute this fight as a guild, and specifically about how I heal it. It’s not a guide to the fight mechanics, I’m going to assume you have a … Continue reading

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Ragnaros be dead

Rag 2011-09-01 at 9.30.44 PM

Just this: /treehugs for mah guildies. Healing write-up on the way…

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Soloing Molten Core

Intro Another soloing adventure! My Hydraxian Waterlords rep is abysmal, as back in vanilla I farmed MC on my original druid, before rerolling my current incarnation. So, not much rep. Farmed MC for a while at 80 with mates… but once we hit revered it becomes a slow grind. So I thought I’d go see how I went soloing.I screwed up a few things, being my first time there solo, but my estimate is that it would take about 30 minutes to clear once I know … Continue reading

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