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Soloing Void Reaver and Solarian

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Tempest Keep is a fun instance to go back to at lvl 85. I’ve been in agroup that’s 3-manned Kael’thas a few times, but I wanted to go in and see if I could solo a couple of the bosses. I’d heard that Void Reaver was soloable, so I started there. My set up was as usual: feral druid, ilvl 350ish gear. Pretty much spent the whole time in bearform – except on Void Reaver as explained below. Trash None of the trash in the corridors … Continue reading

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Tempest Keep images

A'lar 1680 x 1050

I tried soloing Tempest Keep today to bump my gold looted achievement along a little. Fel Reaver was challenging enough to be interesting, with Solarian was just nasty. Killed them both though, will post my experience a bit later. Took some screenies while I was there though, I love the rich glowing colours of the instance. So here are a few images to enjoy while I write:

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This week in images

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