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Only one finger

Admiring the gold, and the new trinket.

The Throngus Finger Category, it sounds like an award. “And best trinket in the Throngus Finger category goes to….” Introducing Morrin, my newest alt, and third lvl 85. A small dwarven prot paladin, because I’ve always been amazed by great prot pallies in instances and correspondingly so dumbfounded by terrible ones – so I thought I’d give paladin tanking a whirl. She was a blood elf, abandoned at 70 on another server. So I transferred her over, thus filling up my tenth character slot on Saurfang. … Continue reading

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Decked out

Hurrah, finally made all of my waves cards, I think I got *very* lucky with Astelle’s scribing, but I’m not complaining!So back to archaeology for the time being.

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I enjoy having goals, ‘projects’ to do while playing. Currently I have a few on the go, so I’m prioritising gear but balanced with not getting bored farming the same thing too much. I’m working on:1. Darkmoon Card: TsunmaiMy trinkets are fairly weak, so this will be a good entry trinket for raiding for me. I have an 80 scribe, so I farmed some herbs using Glow, and mailed them back to my scribe and got her to 525 Inscription.Now it’s herbs, herbs. herbs. Specifically, I’ve … Continue reading

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