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Mini update

My real life sleepy kitty form.

Real life has been hectic, and this poor blog, as usual, has suffered. I’ve spent the last month travelling for work, I’ve got a new job (that I haven’t started yet), I’ve had too many things going on health-wise to mention. But! The good news is that my healing hand is better! I am hoping that it was a combination of resting it (I’ve been playing a bit less, no more obsessively gearing all my alts), my new key bindings, and my new mouse (which I … Continue reading

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This crazy week (or two)

My poor, neglected, dust-choked blog. This last couple of weeks has been crazy at work with tripping around all over the country, all precipitately last-minute. My mum is coming to stay this weekend, so not much will be happening in the next few days either. This little corner of the internet has suffered from my inattention. I have about three posts/pages in the works, just getting the time/energy to finalise and publish them is challenging at the mo. What I’ve been up to in WoWland: I’ve … Continue reading

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Riding through the pixel forest

Moody and a little post-modern.

It’s been a rough week, but have had some fun in-game: Our raid team was tantalisingly close to downing Cho’Gall, very rewarding. Did LOTS of great heroics with guildies last night. Today, Shigeko and I polished off a tidy number of wrath heroic achieves he needed, as well as duoing the Battle for Mount Hyjal. This was challenging, but fun as a 2man. Will post more about our duoing adventures tomorrow, but here’s a sneak peek at Anetheron skipping gaily over the mountain towards us.

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New druid guide – aggro!

I’ve just finished the text for a new druid guide about managing healing aggro. You can find it in the Druid guide menu above, or here. It’s basically a five man guide – though much of it would be useful for a new druid healer in raid fights with adds like Maloriak or … =thinks= … =draws blank= Wow, Blizzard have really cut back on add fights. In any case, I hope it’s useful for new druids, as well as any healers struggling in instances where … Continue reading

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More quiet busy-ness

Been away for work for a few days, so not much WoW activity and not much bloginess. I have been working on the first of my ‘Druid healing – advanced’ pieces to follow on from my basics guide. The first part will be about managing healer aggro and that’s about three quarters done so should be up in the next day or so.

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Small revamp

Just a quick update to say my basic healing guide is up (yay!) and explain a small reshuffle of some pages, in case you’re looking for them. I’ve just completed my Ultra-Basic-Druid-Healing-Guide (here), but realised that it probably ‘lived’ with my druid CC guide (this one) so I’ve bundled then together in the menu structure under Druid guides (this). As I explained earlier, I’m working on a ‘Part 2′ of the healing guide, which will live there as well – it just seemed a more logical … Continue reading

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Quietly busy

I haven’t posted for a few days, but I have been busily updating the blog stealthily in the background. I’m currently working on a guide to druid healing. Sigh. I know it adds to the huge waving sea of information out there, but my concern is that there isn’t much that’s pitched at absolute newcomers to the spec/class. With that in mind I’m currently shaping up a two part guide: 1. Resto druid healing for absolute beginners: including one sample talent build with a brief rundown … Continue reading

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