Healing firelands

My experiences as a restoration druid healing encounters in the Firelands raid zone.

Blog Posts

Sometimes written as guides, but usually just describing what we do as a guild and what I do specifically when healing an encounter, including: any macros I use, details of which buffs and debuffs I track, how I set up my UI, what spells I cast, where I stand, etc.


I’ve only just started capturing videos, so only one from my PoV so far. But it shows what I do and when, and much more clearly shows how my UI works in the encounter.

Healing Shannox:

(Raw footage only, not music/voice over yet. But shows our positioning well, as well as what I do when healing it. This is two-healed, two-tanked, I’m on the MT/raid, our holy pally is on the OT/raid. No, I didn’t get trapped in a crystal, it was Rageface :-) )

Healing Alysrazor:

Healing Baleroc

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